Potty wrote:
> http://www.getgiftsforfree.com/index.php?ref_id=14371
> You have to spend $40 on this site and you go on the list to receive a great
> free gift. Once x amount of people have made a purchase after you, you will
> be sent your gift will ship anywhere internationally.
> You do not have to encourage others to join, you will still get your gift
> (this is not a Pyramid scheme). But of course the more people that sign up
> the quicker you get your gift.
> Sounds like a scam I know, I was skeptical but it has worked for me. Check
> out the link for more information it is free to look and I hope it helps
> you.
> http://www.getgiftsforfree.com/index.php?ref_id=14371

Thats false advertising mate, for a start saying you will get your phone
isnt true! You will get your phone if you top your list, Its in the
websites Terms and Conditions that this may never happen! So if you dont
top the list you will receive nothing. Think about it most people will
loose out, Id get out of this while you can mate, I mean take the sony
vaio laptop list for instance.

Ok the first person joins, then when 80 more join he gets his laptop ok
great he got his gift

The list is now 80 people long so another 80 join and the next person on
the list gets his laptop.

The list is now 159 people long,

Can you see where this is going?

another 80 join and the third person on the list gets a laptop
but the list is now 238 long, for the 238th person to get the laptop
then another 19,040 people must join and for the person who is 19,040th
to ever get his laptop then 1.5 million must join. So its fair to say
the first 10 on the list may stand a chance after that youve had it.


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