Greetings! Lately, I was in Radio Shack and got an extra cell phone for my
son. While I was there, I asked about accessing the internet through my
laptop using my Cell phone. The RadioShack guy told me that I could do it
using a USB cable and SnapDialer software. He sold me the cable and said
that I could download the software on the net. I have spent some time on
this and am now fairly sure that I am more confused than ever.

Firstly, I have a Nokia 5185i Cell Phone. The futureDial website is very
confusing in that it seem not to support the 5185i. Is the 5185 and 5185i
totally different in this matter? The site shows that there is only a
serial cable for the 5185 YET the guy at RadioShack sold me a USB cable that
had a FutureDial logo on it, said that it was specific for SnapSync,
SnapDialer and SnapWare software and worked specifically with the Nokia 3285
and 5185 models. Where does this all leave me. Can I use this cable and
Snapdialer software to hook into the internet through my laptop? Or should I
take this back for a refund and wait until I get another phone that is more

Please advise ASAP........regards........ Stuart Gold

P.S. If it matters, I am using the Verizion plan.

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