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    Oxygen Software
    Unfortunately, we don't support support Nokia 2140 or 1860, neither we can
    point on where to get Data Suite for this model, however, Oxygen Phone
    Manager II ( ) should support Nokia 5130 with F-Bus or
    DAU-9p cables.

    Also our program supports 5110, 6110 and 3210 from earlier models.

    If you have any questions and/or suggestions, concerning our
    program, feel free to post them on our official forum

    Best regards, Maxim Vyalkov
    Oxygen Phone Manager - all you want from your Nokia
    [email protected]

    Hello, Ted Frater!
    You wrote in conference on Thu, 11 Nov 2004 13:27:45 GMT
    from address [email protected]:

    >Julie Ruin wrote:
    >> What exactly are you trying to do and why? I'll be honest with you: I
    >> too am
    >> fascinated with old-outdated technology. Are you the type of person
    >> that
    >> ties shoe laces wearing boxing gloves just for fun?

    >> What you propose is going to require a lot of work and time. At the
    >> end your
    >> result will be an inefficient and slow set-up at best. I suggest
    >> getting a
    >> data card, something like this:
    >> 5731405380

    >> Are you perhaps trying to re-create some crime scene that took place
    >> in
    >> 1994? No that's a whole different story. If your some sort of
    >> detective,
    >> that is way cool. If that's the case you might want to call up these
    >> people:

    >> I wish you the best of luck

    >> -julie

    >> "Ted Frater" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    >> news:[email protected]

    >>>Hi All, Perhaps some old hands might help me here.
    >>> Ive just aquired a pair of these brand new tho unboxed and there very
    >>>nice too. 1200mah battries.
    >>> Id like to get a Nokia data suite so I can connect via my laptop to
    >>> my
    >>>isp for emails. Any suggestion where I can get this s/ware? Ive the
    >>>suite 2 tho not tried it as its not for this model.
    >>> Also i need a data lead to the serial port.
    >>> any help? out there? Im in Dorset.
    >>> Ted

    >Hi Julie
    >where are you?
    >As outlined I want to use this nokia phone like I would any other that
    >has the s/ware and connection ability to ones isp.
    >Ill ask again , when did nokia introduce s/ware to connect their
    >products to a persons isp?
    >and was there a nokia data suite 1? or earlier types with other names?
    > As of this time Nioka havnt left any inf on this type of software on
    >their website pages that refer to this phone.
    >no I not trying to recreate anything other than a connection.
    >It doesnt nor will take a lot of time and effort.
    > i already have data suite 2 and a lead and a type 5130 Nokia that
    >works. But I dont like this particular phone, i just prefer the older
    >chunkier model.
    > the issue of old or obsolete equipment is another story.
    > Just to comment on this, I use equipment that is predominantly 1860
    >earlier in my vocation.

    See More: data suite for 2140 Nokia circa 1994

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    Re: data suite for 2140 Nokia circa 1994


    > Manager II ( ) should support Nokia 5130 with F-Bus

    > DAU-9p cables.

    It does, it worked well with the 2.15 trial (5130 v5.30).

    [email protected]
    205 Diesel & turbo-Diesel :

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