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    Francois G

    I just bought a nokia bluetooth headset (HDW-3).
    I have hooked it to my laptop via a bluetooth dongle.
    Unfortunately, I am not able to figure out how to make it work as a regular
    headset so I can use to do Voice Over Ip (with skype for instance) or to
    just listen for some regular music.
    I already went in the the "audio" tab of the "sound and multimedia
    properties" of my computer and selected the "Bluetooth audio" as my prefered
    "sound play back" device. Unfortunately, it does seem to work. Only the
    microphone seems to be recognized but not the playback capabilities (i.e.
    the speaker of the bluetooth headset). Am I missinh something..?
    Any help or pointer to a good website would be greatly appreciated,



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    mmgansburg is offline


    same problem here

    any news on your Q? I would like to buy a bluetooth headset that will work with Skype and all other Messenger programs (Yahoo, MSN & AIM).

    Any news?

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