Recently got myself the new Nokia 6260. Relatively pleased with the
new phone, except the I cannot back up my SMS folders to the new phone
(from 7650).

I tried PC Suite 6 that comes with the phone (hopeless software,
couldnt even recognise the phone when the bluetooth neighbourhood is
able to see the phone).

Downloaded Oxygen PM for Symbian OS (recognizes both my phones).
Everything seemed fine, but while it can transfer the phone books, it
cannot transfer the SMS folders.

I used my SMS to make contacts with suppliers/clients, and it is
imperative that I can transfer the SMS folders (with the names and
message contents etc.) to the new phone.

Anyone has any ideas as to which software I can purchase to get this
done? Since both phones are on Symbian OS, I cannot understand why it
cannot be duplicated from the 7650 to the 6260.

Would the people from Oxygen PM want to comment on this? I almost
purchase the license until I found out I cannot back up the SMS
folders and messages.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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