There is one possibility. In most cases, other brands support direct file
transfer over IR or bluetooth for .VCF format (contacts); jpeg, gif or bmp
image formats and MIDI's. Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian phones also
supports data synchronization with VCF format.

Windows- based mobiles and PDA's also should accept Windows Address Book (
WAB ) format. We support WAB data synchronization in both programs: Oxygen
Phone Manager II ( ) and Oxygen Phone Manager II for
Symbian OS phones.

Also you can transfer CSV, RTF, HTML or XML documents by e-mail to other
phones. We support data export to all of these formats. You just need
special JAVA midlet, which is capable to read, store and edit CSV or RTF
file attachments.

Most of other phones support data synchronization with MS Outlook or Lotus
Notes, which is also supported with our program.

We plan to add support for more popular file formats in our software, so you
could transfer your data from Nokia mobile phone to other mobile devices
(PDA's, cellulars, communicators, smartphones etc.) also.

You can download the latest trials here:

Oxygen Phone Manager II version ( )
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones version ( )

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, concerning our
program, feel free to post them on our official forum

Best regards, Maxim Vyalkov
Oxygen Phone Manager - all you want from your Nokia
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Hello, Greg N.!
You wrote in conference on Fri, 26 Nov 2004 00:31:09
+0100 from address [email protected]:

>I have been using nokia phones for years, and I particularly like the
>way I can use the data suite to copy the phonebook and the calendar
>through the IR to my laptop and edit it there.

>I have some software to convert the (proprietary?) nokia data suite
>format to excel compatible format and back.

>Is there a way to transfer that data from my pc to another brand of
>cellular phone, either through an IR or USB connection? Which brands?
>Which models?

See More: move phonebook from nokia to other brands