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    Coal Miner
    Has anyone actually been able to download a ringtone to this phone(3586i) with Nokia PC Suite or Oxygen Phone Manager II. I have tried Nokia PC
    Suite 6.4 with no success. I bought the dku-5 data cable and I can download graphics but not tones. I am to the point where I think the only
    way to do this is with the mobile browser. They (Sasktel) want $5.00 a month plus airtime charges plus anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 a tone. I
    have contacted the phone company(Sasktel) but no one there seems to know nothing about the problem.

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    Re: downloading ringtones on 3586i

    Dear Coal Miner,

    I had posted this information on another site, but since I happen to
    find your dilema on this site, I thought I might help you out.

    The way to upload wallpapers, ringtones, and _games_, is to purchase a
    DKU-5 cable (approx. $10.00) and connect it to your PC.
    Although Nokia has their free "PC Suite" software, it didn't work too
    well for me. (But feel free to try it for yourself.)
    I recommend "MobiMB Mobile Media Browser" (search for: "MobiMB"). This
    application works great and it's as simple as copy-n-paste!
    Some sites charge you for this software, but if you search carefully,
    you should find free ones as well.

    Good Luck!

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