Hi.Is any one familar with the Nokia 5510?

I have had mine for nearly 2 years now. However it has been dropped a
few times and it is still working. But the casing is cracked. Also the
Screen is damaged. Are spare screens available , especially in
Australia and New Zealand?

Does any one know of any "protective" cases for this model and if so ,
can they give me a source and a price. ? Thank you.

Also does anyone who owns a 5510 know of the RIVET system for
"fastening" the phone to one's person? If so, has any one used the
system. Thanks.

If no one can help are there any NOKIA user groups on the net, apart
from this one, who may be able to help me? Thanks.

Finally what magazines are available in English on just Mobile Phones
or Cell Phones? if so, do any have a web site.? Thanks.

I will be most grateful for any help anyone can give me. Thank you.

Alistair Clarke
New Zealand

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