I have recently bought the Nokia 6610i and have connected the CA-42 Cable
with the latest download of Nokia PC Suite, v 6.4.8.

I have it connected to a Benq laptop running Windows XP and Outlook 2000.

The problem I'm experiencing is that every time I go to reconnect my phone
PC Suite does not recognise it is connected. If I unplug the cable and
replug I get a message saying it's drawing too much power and to reset the
USB connection. So, I reset it. Then when I connect the phone I have to
reinstall the software - every single time because the laptop recognises a
new piece of hardware.

Surely this was not the intention? A phone isn't going to remain connected
to a computer all the time but to resync it regularly it must be plugged in
regularly. As my calendar is almost daily being updated I need to make sure
I'm synching daily.

Does anyone have any thoughts, or perhaps experience of similar with
knowledge of what is going on?

Thanks in advance.


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