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    I feel especially qualified to review this phone because it's the second Nokia
    Series 60 / Symbian phone I've owned. This review is not about the Series 60
    in general though, you should know by now it's completely awesome and the best
    OS any small device has ever run, period, including phones, PDA's and anything

    I previously owned a 3650, one of the earlier Series 60 phones, the one with
    the weird round dial keypad, which I came to rather like after getting used to
    it. Further background: buying 6260 was only necessitated by my old one
    getting nicked. :-(

    Summary / conclusion:
    If I hadn't lost my 3650 then 6260 would NOT have been worth the upgrade.
    However, if you don't currently own a Symbian smartphone, it's worth
    considering because it's currently the most affordable one of the recent
    models, and looks cool. (Still, Symbian-phone people don't require "cool" as
    the OS and apps/games themselves are already plenty cool enough

    Some good points:

    * Looks cool, nice bright display, clam-shell/swivel design

    Improvements over earlier Series 60 phones:

    More memory, more colours & brighter display. Better Bluetooth implementation,
    Skins & themes, minor user interface tweaks, yada yada.. Email now has SSL
    support meaning you get to read Google GMail through POP3 which works
    incredible. This because GMail auto-archives your mail after you open it
    through POP3). This saves a lot of deleting and filing of old messages.

    Some flaws:
    * Build quality. Hello, is this a Nokia? Doesn't feel like one, but by all
    means try it yourself. Anyway, with 2 years warranty, this may become Nokia's
    problem rather than mine.

    * It doesn't feel faster than my old 3650!? That one was adequate though, so
    is this one. Still you're waiting almost 2 seconds before your contacts show
    up after pressing the button. You'd think it would be instant with a more
    recent phone. No complaints about other things, such as T9 text entry is
    plenty fast.

    * Ring tone 'euphoniousness' (is that a word?) is not improved. Adequate, but
    not concert hall like some Samsungs. (Again, Symbian poeple aren't Nancy's who
    buy phones for their cute looks & sounds. If you want something that looks
    and sounds cute, go get a puppy.)

    * Camera application automatically starts when you swivel the display. Why?
    Have to exit the app every time you swivel the display! Nokia apparently
    still thinks of a camera as a core use of this thing. Also the resolution is
    not as good as other recent Nokia phones, but having established that phone
    cameras are toys anyway and that 6260 is affordable, I don't see this as a

    * Full camera resolution is ONLY available with the display flat against the
    base, with the display pointing at the sky for 'landscape' shots, or sideways
    (away from you) for standing-up 'portrait' shots. Any other display position
    will result in something like 480x320, not 640x480. Why? (The only thing I
    could think of may be that the smaller image size may be more usable when sent
    to other phones that have smaller displays.. Still.. why not make this user
    configurable. For shooting at maximum resolution you now have to look straight
    down at the screen, holding the phone horizontally. My grandfather used to
    own one of those cameras with the viewfinder pointing at the sky so you had to
    look straight down into it. It's exactly like that!

    * Awkward placement of the pencil button.
    This is the button that even many reviewers don't understand what it does
    anyway, but it's used to SELECT TEXT for copying and pasting between
    applications, AND to select multiple items, messages, emails, pictures so they
    can all be sent or deleted all at the same time. So an ESSENTIAL thing for a
    smartphone. With the button so close to the joy-pad, holding the button and
    dragging/selecting text to the left becomes VERY difficult.

    * Battery life has not improved... You'll be charging it every other day, or
    every day if you play around with it a lot. Then again, this is fair due to
    the Series 60's overall awesomeness.

    Comments, rants and flames are gladly received.

    See More: My 6260 Review.. :)

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    Ottar T

    Re: My 6260 Review.. :)

    > Comments, rants and flames are gladly received.

    have been trying to use the phone as modem for a laptop via bluetoth. By
    naming the access point "internet" and dialing *99# one can use the GPRS
    network to get 115kb/s compared to standard 43. This works with 6310i, but
    the 6260 beeing a smrt phone, develop a blutooth network which leads to
    conflicts with the modem function. If the phone had been a laptop one
    could share the internet connection directly... Now I'm not sure how to
    cure the problem, have tried to disable the bluetooth network, but does
    not seem to do the trick.
    After connection the bit stream freezes up to zero, ip adress and
    evrything seem to be ok.
    The only difference in set up of 6310i modem and 6260 is that for the
    latter the comunication protocol is greyed out, probably because it
    supports TCP/IP directly...

    Trying to get some hints..

    Ottar T

    Using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

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    Eddie Teo

    Re: My 6260 Review.. :)

    On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:39:03 +0700, Chanchao
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >Comments, rants and flames are gladly received.

    As mentioned in one of my previous posts here, the main thing I
    dislike about the phone is that for some reasons, it will show NCDLIST
    - App Closed (or something similar). After this message appears,
    incoming sms and missed calls will not be "announced" on the screen.

    That's not all, in order to get the "announcements" back, you will
    need to switch the phone off and on again. Guess what, your sms in
    the sms folders (in the IN box especially) will disappear - RANDOMLY!
    So if you have an important sms in the IN box, good luck to you, it is
    gone forever.

    If you think storing the sms into another folder in order not to get
    it deleted by the above "feature", well, no luck there either. I have
    copied important sms into another folder, and randomly it gets deleted
    as well!

    Nokia Care told me they are aware of the bugs but have no solutions
    yet! Further follow ups were ignored!

    For a person who relies a lot on sms for my business, this is one damn
    phone I am looking to get rid off quick.

    Too bad I am not in regions where 30-days money back guarantee is
    available, I am now stuck with the damn phone, wouldnt want to sell to
    another person to add to his woes neither, so there you go.

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