Hi Guys,

after trying to find some usefull information on my Problem to set up
my Nokia Phone as a Nokia Modem (IRA) I tried something and I think it
might be usefull for others
1. Who might read this:
Everyone who has a Nokia Phone he wants to connect thru Infrared with
his Notebook and set it up using "Nokia Modem Options".
2. What its mostly the Problem?
After you installed the Nokia Software you expect to find a Nokia 6310
(IRDA) Modem in the Modem options but you just find a "Standard Modem
over Infrared" or so. You also cannot set this up thru the Nokia Modem
3. What you need.
The Nokia Modem Setup - like e.g. here is to find :
4. What to do.
deinstall the standard infrared Modem
remove the following Files :
Install the Nokia Modem Setup and follow the normal installation

Hope this helps - for any questions send me an Email to
[email protected]

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