I'm with a company called Cityfone. Not many people have even heard of it, but it uses microcell tech. just like fido. They do not support wap or internet. I would like to still get new poly ringtones onto my Nokia3595 The only ones i can get are stupid mono ones sent via sms. From reading past posts, I understand that if I purchase the correct data cable and download the correct software... I will be able to get ringtones onto my phone. But I also understand that some companies lock out these cables so they can't be used by the phone. Before I buy a data cable, I'd like to know whether Cityfone will even allow me to use it. I have contacted them several times and they just don't seem to know what I'm talking about and I keep getting responses that do NOT answer my simple question.

Does annnnyone know...

I have a nokia3595 with Cityfone...Will it support a data cable? A yes or no is all i'm looking for.

Thanks so much

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