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    wots the latest sw for the nokia 6230 in the uk?


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    Chris P Bacon

    Re: 6230

    On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 01:57:11 GMT, "ALi"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >wots the latest sw for the nokia 6230 in the uk?

    4.44, but 5.24 is available in parts of the world but not here yet.

    from expansys forums:

    So, today i've got 5.24 firmware installed. I have used older firmware
    only for several days, but even now I can see some very good changes:

    1. You can see Caller ID with any wallpaper - when someone calls you,
    the wallpaper becomes much much lighter, but it stays there. I think
    this soluton by Nokia is better than changing color of fonts, as some
    of members requested. It is really cool. It is really better and
    smartder than in older 40series nokias.
    2. Icon Services is now called "Web"
    3. new 'Instant messages' in the 'messages' menu
    4. After you take a picture, main NAVI button says 'Send' but not
    5. Music player playlist automaticaly sees all the mp3 from mmc, no
    matter in which folder where they are.
    6. When the phone asks you to choose the folder (e.g. when you define
    where your photos will be stored from camera options menu), main NAVi
    button is 'SET' instead of 'Open', if you want to open folder (go
    deeper) have to choose Options->Open folder

    Sorry, I'm using 6230 only for 2 days. After 1st day I managed to
    squeze it accidently - the phone has lost it's internal memory (Free -
    0kb, used - 0kb, i changed the main microprocessor at the service
    center and when I got it, it had 5.24 firmware on it. (25-11-04)

    waiting for the normal changelog

    P.S. Lithuania

    Chris P Bacon

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