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    Pino Barilla
    hello all

    i have a nokia 7250i, windows xp home ed, service pack 2, and a dku-5 cloned
    after 6 hours of work, i managed to get the multi-port serial adapter in the
    hardware list, but with a "!" next to the connectivity adapter dku-5, and a
    "code 10"

    drivers are the ones in the windows "add hardware wizard" under "nokia" and
    "nokia inc"

    i imagine this must be an old question, but after googling for a few hours,
    still no answer

    anyone that can help ??

    then, if this is solved, i hope to get the "nokia pc suite" working........

    thank, best regards
    Pino Barilla

    Pino Barilla

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    misterbig is offline


    I too am experiencing a problem connecting my kids 7250i and 6610 to my PC.
    Although I cannot help you out I will tell you my tale ............

    I tried the DKU 5 USB cable as it fitted both, but evidently there is an issue over using a clone cable as opposed to a puka Nokia cable.
    Anyway mine wouldn't work with either my daughter's 6610 or my son's 7250i, so the extra Christmas prezzie was awaste of time!!
    Although having said that the company I bought it off of onEbay took it back and for 2 extra sent me a USB IrDA connection.
    It arrived this morning and guess what ............ yep you guessed it, it don't work with either of their phones, however it works with my Sony Ericsson a treat.

    So now I've got a new set of pictures and ringtones but the kids aint!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone in reading my tale knows why the Nokia's cannot receive the files please let me know.


    Jon Bigg

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