Hi all. This is very funny, but I have some minor problems here.

My WLAN is working perfect, both at home and at work. I can surf the web,
send and receive mail etc. Here at home I have a D-Link DI 624+ router, at
work, I'm not sure, but the WLAN is of caurse behind NAT.

The problem is that I can't listen to streaming audio at home. When
accessing the URL
(swedish radio channel =)) I get an errormessage telling me that the clip
cannot be played. But at work it works fine. I can play the channel from
my PC at home, but not my phone. And it feels really strange because
everything else work just fine.

Hope you have a hint =)

Thanks in advance.

Joakim Nomell Phn: +46 70 771 31 00 MSN : [email protected]
Unix engineer Fax: +46 70 711 31 00 Web : http://nomell.se

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