Hi all,

I've got a 7210 and just purchased the AD-5B Wireless Audio Adapter. The
bluetooth headset I'm trying to use is the cheap Abe BT 20S:


The AD-5B appears to pair correctly, with a car icon and steady 2sec
green flash, but nothing actually works on the headset. Calls, voice,
buttons, ringing.

I've searched the Internet and some suggestions are to reset the
headset. There seems no way from the docs. I can (and have) put it into
pairing mode, so maybe that is the same thing?

I know the headset is not faulty because it does work fine with a 3660.

I don't have any other headset to test the AD-5B with. The Nokia web
site states only a few headsets that are supported, but the Abe one I
have supports both headset and handsfree profiles. It should work,
especially as people have sucessfully managed it with Jabra (e.g.
non-Nokia) headsets.

Any help appricated.


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