Hi Rob,

It was an incredibly complicated manner of going about things...when I
really should have simply backed my sim card up in the first place.

I did as I said I would...I backedup the new phone...then replaced the
files in this backup with the old data...and most importantly, renamed
the old .cap file with the new .cap file name. Then I hit backup and
would you believe it...there was my old phone again!

It worked perfectly. Although I think your "import" option is the more
sensible. Anyway...for what it's worth to the idiots like myself out
there...and I know you are they guys!



>Hi Dave

>This seems like a very complicated way of going about things. Saying

>restoring the backup to one 6600 from another 6600 worked fine for me

>little help, saying that I can't remember how I did it is even less

>However, at least from this we know it's possible to do. In fact,

>received my replacement phone I remember being delighted that it

>the new so it was the same as the old, so easily. This is of even

less help
>and now I just feel smug <g> but, in my defence, I'm so used to

things not
>going smoothly I think I deserve a break on this one.

>I can only think that for some reason the contacts were not backed up

>start with, there are two ways this could've happened - the tick was

>from the box in the options area or the contacts were on the memory

card and
>the option to back that up wasn't selected.

>If you're sure you have a viable contacts backup file saved that just

>'take' try using the Import option rather than the Restore.

>"dave" <[email protected]> wrote in message
>news:[email protected]
>> Good Morning/Afternoon/evening etc...
>> I have a slight problem...more an inconvenience really. I backed-up

>> nokia 6600 using PC suite software. It was a total backup and

>> all of my contacts. The phone was subsequently stolen and now, a

>> weeks later, I am in receipt of a brand new Nokia 6600...
>> I tried to restore all of my old data to the new phone but PC suite
>> told me that I had not yet backed up this phone to my pc. So I did

>> quick backup of the new phone...then I replaced the data in this
>> backup with the original backup I had done of the old phone (in an
>> attempt to "cheat the software".[this seems awfully confusing as I
>> don't have a synonym for backup!]
>> It worked for everything but the contacts!!! I then installed
>> Fexplorer and replaced the Contacts.cbd file in the
>> C:\system\Data\Contacts.cdb with the old contacts file in the
>> backup...Still no luck.
>> Has anyone any solutions or workarounds? Can I open the backup in
>> another program? Even if I could view my contacts I could manually
>> input them into my new phone. How do I access the settings to

>> the contacts on my memory card in the 6600...or is this automatic?
>> I have a bluesoleil bluetooth connection and a belkin bluetooth
>> dongle...both working fine.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Dave

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