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    Tim Padrick
    I put a new lock code in my 3620 (phone lock, not SIM lock). It requires
    that you do this twice, to make sure you got it right. When I try to change
    it, it tells me I am entering the wrong code. WTF? I was very slow and
    deliberate on entring it, and it's a birthday so I would not forget it. It
    does not have me locked out of the phone, but neither can I lock the phone.
    (And after a few incorrect tries it makes you wait 5 minutes before it will
    let you try again.) What is the fix here?

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    mapetears is offline


    hi, that's also what happened to my nokia 3650 phone, i called nokia care line to ask what should be done to my phone... and said that i should bring it to their care center... i have visited a cell phone repair shop and ask what possible things can be done to my phone, he said he can re-format it, all files stored in my phone memory shall be lost...please reply to my email [email protected] thanks! what more can we do to save the files...

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