I've got a N-gage QD phone and use it primarily for its GPRS/Bluetooth

However since the past 2 days, the phone refuses to allow either my PC
(with a widcomm bluetooth usb adapter) OR my Palm Zire 72 to connect
to it.

When i try connecting, I get the "G" icon on the phone, but it
disappears in 2-3 seconds (previously it used to show a continuous
"[G]" icon whenever i used GPRS) - If i try using Opera browser from
the phone, the GPRS service works okay, but over bluetooth it doesnt

Dial up networking on my Windows XP machine just keeps retrying OR
timing out at "Registering computer on network", whereas the Zire
gives different error messages from "device failure" to "PPP timeout"
etc etc

I know there is nothing wrong with my service as I popped my SIM into
my T68i, from where both the PC and Zire work well.

I think it has something to do with some corrupt
files/.ini/config/data on the phone itself, which is causing the
error. Is there any way to reset the phone Bluetooth/GPRS settings?
I've tried deleting all the GPRS Access Points and creating new ones,
but this problem wont go away.


PS: If someone wants to complain about the Palm not being compatible
with the Ngage QD etc etc, dont bother, I was using it since the past
2-3 months, BUT only now GPRS over bluetooth seems to have gone KAPUT
and the fault is quite certainly with some corrupt files on the Ngage

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