Received the GPS Shell last week.
-> Installed, the shell contains GPS Java midlet rev. 1.0.28 and not the
1.0.27 as is downloadable from Nokia.com.

It does run, i.e. as in the manual if you do use the GPS Shell for the first
time or after 14-days no usage it may take 15-30 minutes to get necessary
GPS almanac data.
-> True, it works that way.

The problem I have is that when there is no signal due to going into a
building and later on there is a signal again I have to wait the 15-30
minutes again.
-> The data does not seem to be saved, i.e. everytime there is no GPS signal
you have to wait....
=> Anyone with the same problem and what to do?


See More: Nokia 5140 GPS Xpress-on GPS Shell startup time.