I recently got one of these case from mobilefun.co.uk and said I would put
my thoughts about it on the group. The case is no bodyglove but is a nice
snug fit for the phone but does seem to be somewhat ill fitting around the
base of the phone which can obstruct the use of some of the bottom keys.
The phone itself is secured in the case by Velcro which is, rather
unusually, at the base of the phone which concerned me at first as I thought
it may fall out but the snug fit in the case soon di*****ed these fears.
There is also no access to the memory card slot when the phone is in the
case as both the front left and right buttons are completely covered by
I do really like the belt clip which is in two parts, one piece stays
attached to your belt and the second part actually in the case. When you
attach the case you get a nice positive click and to release it you do need
to press a button on the belt attachment down which then releases the phone
in the case, the one bad point is that is it quite large i.e. deep and the
phone sticks out from your belt about 2-3cm. When on the belt clip the
phone has a full 360 movement and I do find myself spinning the phone to see
how many turns I can make it do. The substantial lens on the camera is
completely unobscured by the case but again this offers no more protection
to the lens than being out of the case.

Overall I like the case and feel a damn sight better having the phone in a
case than out of the case and for around 17 you cany really go wrong.

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