Hello, I purchased my phone in Russia, and now I live in Israel,
the phone does not receive or send sms anymore.
I get General Error when I try to send sms and it is just deferred
Also MMS and files via bluetooth and everything that has to do with
send messages or emails.
I can still surf the wap and the net via my opera browser which is

Also sometimes the phone gives out memory full errors, or general
system errors, which happen randomly.

What can I do to solve this?
I tried resetting the phone, and it didn't help.
I can't get a firmware update here in Israel for this phone. The nokia
representatives here in Israel do not give support to this phone. Is
there a place to ship it to so I can get it fixed? Is there a way to
solve this problem without having to upgrade the firmware
My version is: V 2.50 13-02-2003 NHL-8
Any help would gladly be appreciated. Please reply to my gmail.


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