I ?ve just bought a Nokia 6230 and I am trying to synchronize with the PC through a BT using widcomm driver, my OS is Windows XP SP2. First I am sure that the BT device and driver work well because I used them with a sony ericsson phone before. The PC suite works ok when I startup the Pc to synchronize to outlook, but the problem starts when I get far from the BT action radio. The first time the phone monitor reconnects well, but when I repeat this situation again, the software fails. I have contacted Nokia?s tech support people and suggested to upgrade to the 6.41 version. I have just made this but the problem stills and the Tech people have no idea of how to solve it. They suggested to disconnect and reconnect the BT device manually every time, but this solution does not work niether, because when the phone has missed the connection twice I need to reboot the PC to reload the PC suite software again. It sucks.

Somebody help me, please!!!

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