I have a Nokia 3586i, which is just a litte over a year old (just past
warranty...grr). This morning when I woke up, the phone showed the little
"headphone" icon, and no sound came from the phone. I haven't used a
headset in months, and there certainly isn't one plugged in now! However,
I can't use the phone because there is no sound from the speaker.

I tried turning off/on, setting factory default, even removing the battery.
Still does it! When I phoned Nokia, they said to send it in to have the
"software reset" - for a cost, since it's after warrenty.

Before I send it; has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what did you
have to do? Also, is it possible for me to "reset the software" myself,
without having to wait and pay for Nokia to do it?


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