I'm fairly new to using a nokia 6800 connected to my laptop for wireless
gprs modem capability. I had been using a Motorola v66 and data cable
for a few weeks prior but changed over to the DKU-5 data cable when I
got my Nokia 6800 about a week ago.

Anyways, I have an HP Pavilion ZT1130 Notebook and was going through it
when I came across the C:\HP\DRIVERS\USB2SER directory which seems to
contain all the files necessary for creating a FTDI virtual com port.
There are system files, vxd, pnf, and dll files there with only an
Uninstallation application. I cannot determine if this software is
actually installed on the system or was only placed there for backup
purposes, There doesn't appear to be any setup.exe file but clicking on
the Uninstall one probably wouldn't do too much damage as I can always
do a System Restore.

My big question is if I do get this FTDI Virtual Com Port software to
install on my laptop is it possible to use it in place of the Port 1 on
Nokia Adapter and DKU-5 data cable drivers that this cable I've got now
seems to require over my previous setup with the Motorola V66 and it's
OEM data cable that didn't need any of this extra drivers, just the one
for the Motorola USB Modem?

Thanks for any advice.

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