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    Is it safe to flash the North-American version of the 5100 with the
    European firmware? Unfortunately, there are no official updates for the
    NA firmware (v3.06) and it is incredibly buggy. Actually it sucks.
    According to the service centre person I spoke to, the North American
    version of the phone uses a different processor, and flashing it with
    the Europan firmware could damage it. Unfortunately I could not get any
    more information on that subject. Does anyone know if that's true? It
    seems a little bit strange to me but I am no expert. Why would Nokia
    use different hardware on the same phone?


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    Re: American Nokia 5100 with European firmware?

    Just in case anyone else is wondering about the same problem, I got my
    5100 flashed with European firmware v4.05 and it works perfectly.
    Furthermore, everything works as it should now, and all the crap from
    the old NA 3.06 firmware is gone. It is like using a different phone.
    Way better.

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