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    I have 2 Nokia phones model # 5165 and 5160i. I no longer want the phones
    and want to donate them to Good Will or Salvation Army. One phone belonged
    to my son and is loaded with phone numbers. What is a quick way to delete
    all the numbers from memory? I have been able to delete some numbers but not
    all. Same thing with my phone. Please help. My son's old phone, from a year
    or 2 ago, asks for a security code which of course we don't know.
    I would prefer to donate the phones (with the numbers removed) rather than
    smash them to bits. Thanks

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    Re: How do I erase memory?

    No need to reply. I erased as much as I could and used the generic security
    code 12345 to reset the phone to original factory settings. I will donate
    the phones today. Thanks.

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