I'm having problems with my Nokia 6620 and Motorola HS850 bluetooth
headset. When I turn off the headset (close the boom), occasionally the
phone loses the bluetooth connection (the icon disappears). The real
problem is that the backlight won't turn off, thus draining the
batteries. I can't power down, b/c it just hangs. So, I have to take
out the battery, put it back in, and then turn it back on.

This type of problem seems to happen most often when I close the boom
soon after ending a call. In fact, I can replicate the problem often by
just opening the boom (the phone gives a message that the bluetooth
device is connected) and then quickly closing the boom. The phone gives
the message that the bluetooth device is disconnected, but the icon
disappears and the backlight stays on.

I asked ATTWS to send me a new phone, but the problem is still
happening. Any ideas?????


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