Hello everyone,

I'm thinking about upgrading my 3650 to a 6620 (without changing my SIM).
I have several applications installed on my 3650.

Is it possible to do a full backup of my 3650 (Nokia's PhoneSuite program)
and then do a full restore of that backup on the new 6620? What about my
current MMC card?

If so, what problems may i encounter?
- The IMEI number changes..... applications i currently own may stop
working. Is this true?
- Of course, some apps may not work correctly under the new 6620 (new
Symbian version, etc.)
- Can backups of messages, contacts, etc. from my 3650 be properly restored
on the new 6620?
- Are there any other issues?

Thank you very much!
-- Anton.

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