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Since I bought my 6600 (almost a year ago), I have been mostly happy
with it, but one thing has continued to irk me.

My e-mail server uses Security Certificates issued by GlobalSign for
secure IMAP and secure SMTP, and GlobalSign is not included in the list
of certificates shown when you access Tool/Settings/Security/Certif.
Management on a 6600. There is no option (that I could find) to add a
new certificate, only to modify trust settings and to delete existing
certificates. I have scoured various newgroups and googled for answers,
and did across a few people with the same problem. But I never found
any solutions.

Every access to e-mail produced a dialogue to the effect that the
server's certicate was not trusted, and I had to specify that I wanted
the action to continue each and every time. This was annoying, but once
I discovered the Profimail client, I was at least able to send and
receive e-mail securely using SSH. I just had to override the phone's
misgivings about the certificate for every transaction.

Today I had an idea. I rummaged around in the Internet Options panel in
Windows, and found the Certifcates button on the Content pane. I
selected "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and found
GlobalSign's root certificate in the list. I selected it, clicked on
Export, and saved the certificate to a file on the PC desktop in the
default format (DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER)).

I activated infrared on the phone, aligned it with the PC, and then
simply sent the file containing the certificate to the phone. It
arrived in the INBOX as a message, and when I opened the message, I was
greeted with a "Save Certificate" dialogue. I hit OK and then deleted
the message from the INBOX.

I checked Tool/Settings/Security/Certif. Management, and the certifcate
had appeared in the list. I selected it, hit Options, and marked it as
Trusted for internet access, and now my e-mail works smoothly and
without the annoying dialogue appearing every time.

Perhaps I'll keep the phone a bit longer, and forget about upgrading
for a while!

Bob Jones

Robert S. Jones, I.T. Security Consultant | Vox +44 20 7882 5326
Computing Services, Mile End Campus | Fax +44 20 8980 2001
Queen Mary, University of London, U.K. | GSM +44 79 56 383659

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