I have an old 3280 which i intend to exchange so i can have a backup
of my phone list in my computer. I also have a Palm and i'm deciding
if i buy a cheap model with synchronization capability or an expensive
one with PDA functions.

I visited a shop and had some tests with 6600 and 6230.

1) Do these phones accept a SD card ? I brought mine but couldn't fit
it in 6600.

2) Is there any Nokia phone with PDA functions ?

3) Can i import my contact list and calendar (Palm Desktop) to the
phone ?

4) I see that there are a lot of platforms for cell phones. Symbian,
Java and Brew. Which one have more software available ?

5) Can you post some URLs with examples of good software for these
platforms ?

Thank you.
Fabio Pereira Bernardino
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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