To the god of mobile phones

I started with 2110 - 6150 - then 6310i.
Actually I had 5 of them (6310i)
bought before the model was discontinued.
Last 6310i just died ... under a 15 ton forklift

I have been a good servant and for many years
my phone bill has been bigger than my
salary so listen to my humble request ...

You have the force turn the boneheads of the
phone designers of today ... I want to have .....

Nokia (or Motorola - Samsung or SonyEricsson) 1!

In "x" 1 there are no fancy gimmics
like color display, multimedia messages - tones
camera or other useless bulls**t

Size is about the same as 2110 can be as heavy
as it was too - The weight is not a problem ..

The buzzer volume of the phone adapts to the noise level
of the space the phone is in. If you stand near a
hammer drill it will ring 140 dB(A)-1 meter distance
and vibrate like the next big earthquake in LA.
To say it in other words - it will take your attention.
The buzzer can be controlled also with the time of the day.

Display could be a bit larger and higher resolution
display cover made out of Lexan or similar material

It will not die of shocks smaller than 300G.

Chassis TITANIUM with a bottle opener for (beer and wine)
plus the stuff you have in a swiss army knife

High illuminating LED for light

It does not die when you touch it with dirty fingers

I doesn't die of abrasive or any other kind of dust

Does not die dropped into water - it will float
and be dry even if taken 50 meters under the water surface

Illuminated buttons are designet to meet human finger sizes

It can give a black list to the base central so you can easily
root out all unwanted calls. Actully this device could redirect
a unwanted call to a XXX-number in Bahamas only 200€ / minute charge ....

All the free space there which is not used for operations
is filled with battery cell that will last the next 7 days
continuos speaking.

It has a 10 year - next day new shipped warranty

I am happy to pay 3000 € for this model.

For the stuff they sell today - I must say -
looks like GSM is history for me - I keep pushing
4 buttons minimum simultaneously.


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