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    I love my N6630; looks good; nice functions etc. Vodafone disconnected my
    connection as there was a problem with direct debit and closed me down
    without warning day after the payment was due. Fair enough....if u don't pay
    the bills u won't get goodies (even if was an error I think was their
    fault), but a warning would be nice (even polite).

    Sorted the problem, was promised to be able to use the phone in an hour.
    Yes, I could make phone calls again but not send texts, mms or go on the
    Phoned them up again, and was able to text again (sms) but not to send MMS
    or gon on WAP.

    Third phone call to darling 191. Spend half an hour talking with this nice
    woman in vodafone but she was not able to sort the problem. Only thing she
    could recommend, after all the setting checks (which were apparently ok), to
    take the phone to Vodafone shop in town and try to sort it there. Haven't
    been able to do so as busy at work. Now left without MMS and WAP over the
    Easter holidays. Really annoyed!

    Suggestions, please.


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    Re: N6630/vodafone problems (part2)

    > Suggestions, please.

    Don't be a deadbeat and get a different cell provider. It sounds like
    vodafone's systems are a mess.

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