I wanted to know if someone could lead me to information on how to program three phones to all use the same phone #? I can buy sim cards from my local Circuit City and I own the following phones:
Nokia 6620
Nokia 9210
Moto MPX200

Of course I have a valid SIM for the 6620 and service from Cingular - I bought the other unlocked phones off Ebay for various features they have that I need for work. Right now I'm looking at switching my SIM back and forth which can be a pain, I know it's possible to clone a SIM with the right equioment, I just don't know what equipment or where to buy etc. It would be really cool to be able to just turn on and use the phone I need at the time I need it without all the SIM and MMC switching etc.

On a side note:
I also have two Virgin Mobil prepaid handsets I'd like to program as backups for my phone and my wifes, if anyone has info on doing this I'd appreciate it.

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