I have been using this phone for a couple of months now. I still havent
figured out if it is possible to do the following.
1. In the phone book, if I have to search for somebody's name pressing
the first letter of his name will take me to the first name with the
alphabet as the first character. But then I have to scroll down
manually to the name. If I press teh second character of the name I
need, rather than matching that as the second character, it will match
that as the first character and take me to the first name starting with
this second character. I m finding this very frustrating as my phone
book has over 1000 entries and manually scrolling to a name within a
given alphabet is very time confusing.
2. The only way to activate the speaker is to flip open the phone and
closing the phone will deactivate the speaker.
3. It does not have any software to take down fast notes. ( Say
something textual I want to jot down immediately, that could be
retrieved later.

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