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    -=[ apocalypso ]=-
    Hi guys,

    Cool news for 6630 owners.... :P

    It will be available progressively in the next few days in the NokiaPoint and
    NokiaServicePoint the new updating for Nokia 6630 that should improve further
    the performance of the Smartphone. Clck read more in short the bulletin of the
    changes issued from Nokia

    Changes/improvements e from MCU SW v to v 4.03.18:

    - 2-digit voice mailbox numbers supported (e.g. "*30"), earlier minimum was 3 or
    more numbers
    - GSM AMR voice codec supported
    - Behaviour improved when Call Control and FDN is activated
    - Operator name dis

    Find full story at:



    Symbian Freak introduces various
    researches for symbian users like:

    * Error Fixes,

    * Modding,

    * Tutorials

    * and of course a detailed forum with professional support.

    See More: Nokia 6630 :: New Firmware => 4.03.18

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    Re: Nokia 6630 :: New Firmware => 4.03.18

    Hopefully this will stop my phone switching itself off (as u answered me a
    while ago)

    Would this fix a problem I have on a low 3g signal area when phone
    frequently changes between vodafone and vodafone3g. when that happens phone
    doesn't ring....I've missed so far many important calls. Would this be
    rather vodafone's problem than software problem?

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