I was looking and searching to unlock my Nokia 6620 (firmware 4.22.1) that
is currently on the Cingular network (not the former AT&T network). I found
various unlock methods, DCT4 unlock progs to download and they gave me
different unlock-codes. And you only have 5 tries!! But this one worked for

Go here and download "NokiaFree Unlock Code Calculator 3.10":

Install and run it.

Fill in:
- Nokia
- 6620
- Your IMEI number (do *#06# to get it).
- CINGULAR (Pacific Bell Wireless)

Now you will see filled in for you:
- MCC+MNC: = 3101700
- Asic 2
- Custom 32835

Hit the Calculate button.
The code that ends in '+1#' worked for me.

If you have some other piece of unlock software, just remember that
- Network code = 3101700
- Choose Asic type 2.
- Choose custom key-code 32835

Good luck!
(No guarantees can be made from this email.... it worked for me, though).

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