Hi guys I have a problem,
I bought a car recently & noticed that there were holes for a mobile
phone cradle in the side of the center console.
I checked under the dash and found that there was a car kit installed, 2
speakers, a mic & a thick wad of wire coming out from one of the
speakers that I assume connected to the cradle.
It looks like it was cut out for some reason?
Anyways I started looking at the wire. It has 8 thin wires in total.
I measured the voltage and oms on some of the wires as I want to see if
I can connect this to the pop port of my current phone.
The model number of the car kit is a phf-3
Now below is the colour coding & wires but I still don't know which ones
are for the speaker & the mic. It's hardwired in.
Orange - 3.5v (assuming this is charge for the mobile)
Green - Earth/Ground 0 oms
Yellow - 12v (assuming this is output of transformer just for a 12v
Red - ? } could be a pair for speaker/mic?
Black - ? }
Blue - ? ) could be a pair for speaker/mic?
White - ? )
Pink - ? - assuming this is control line for detection of if unit
is plugged in?

now is it possible to connect this to a pop port of a 6260? If anyone
has any info or experience with these car kits could they please advise.
Thanks in advance

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