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    My 6820 is working beautifully as a GPRS modem on the Cingular network
    but I want to connect it to my regular ISP as a normal modem using
    Dial-Up Networking and their access numbers. I want to use my cell
    minutes rather than my limited and expensive data plan. Not to mention
    this would give me greater range in areas where there is no GPRS yet.

    When I try to use my XP laptop to dial my ISP's phone number, the
    Bluetooth switches on and the phone shows it is dialing the number. I
    then get a tone like I dialed a non-working number. If I dial the
    number through the phone manually I hear the handshake. I've tried 3
    different numbers.

    I used the Nokia Bluetooth modem driver for this phone and the one
    built into Windows. Modem diagnostics show all of the AT commands and
    proper responses.

    Can I use this phone as an ordinary modem? Or must I only use it for


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    **** My real email address is chris (AT) devidal (DOT) tv ****

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    Solved: 6820 modem NOT GPRS

    **** My real email address is chris (AT) devidal (DOT) tv ****

    Harry from Nokia helped me out here. He affirmed that the 6820 does
    indeed offer this feature; he helped me understand that what I was
    trying to do was use CS data (CSD). Once I understood that I knew what
    question to ask Cingular.

    Cingular has disabled all CSD and expects that everyone will be using
    GPRS to get online. This is a bummer because it forces me to use more
    expensive but faster kilobytes from my data plan and not less expensive
    but slower minutes from my voice plan. Not to mention -- is GPRS
    available all over their network? What if I'm on another network? I
    hope these issues never come up.


    **** My real email address is chris (AT) devidal (DOT) tv ****

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