my wife has a 3100 and for some reason has a problem when I text her. This
is only minor, but we would like to know the solution nonetheless;

When I text her, my name appears at the top of the new message. However,
when she has read the message and later goes to the INBOX of the text
messages, my name does not appear there and just the first part of the
message is shown (as though I am a new contact without a name.) When I phone
her, it comes up on screen as Dave Mobile and works normally. It is only in
the INBOX where my messages are stored without a name. We have saved the
name to the phone and only to the phone but still no luck.

We have deleted me as a contact and re-added me but to no avail :-| We have
reset the phone with the factory default settings but again no luck. I am
not in the contacts twice either.

This is only a minor inconvenience but it is still annoying

Any help anyone?



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