So I bought a 6230i because the web site claimed it had an IMAP client. But
it turns out the IMAP client doesn't actually work - it only retrieves
headers but discards the message body, which is totally useless, unless you
just want to know who sent you the messages that you will not be able to

I tried taking it up with the support line (and walk-in support centres)
here in Malaysia but they just asked me idiotic questions like whether I had
a strong signal and whether I had configured the GPRS settings (how am I
going to get the message headers if my GPRS settings are incorrect?). At all
of the walk-in centres, my 6230i is the first one the techs had ever seen,
and none of them had any experience with IMAP.

I tried ringing support lines in several other countries, but always ran into
one of two problems. Either:

A) The 6230i is not yet available in that country, so they have no
information about it; or

B) The support line is a premium-charge number that cannot be dialed from

So today I rang the HQ in Finland and asked for help, and all the person at
the other end would do is give me phone numbers in Malaysia and Singapore
that I've already tried and got nowhere with.

Has anyone managed to get support from Nokia about an issue that is not
immediately solved by pointing out obvious user error, by re-flashing the
firmware, or by replacing the phone (none of which are useful in my case
since the problem is with Nokia's software - it happens with every IMAP
server I've tried)? If so, how? Or should I just focus my energies on
getting them to refund my money and buy a phone from someone else?

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