I just got a new Nokia 3650 off EBay. My old one died, actually won't
charge, but all else works great. I have T-Mobile USA. My old phone has
firmware version 3.16. The new one has 2.54. Other than the missing Call
Forwarding icon, is there really any big concern to upgrade? It seems to
work fine.

When I bought it, I didn't think of asking what firmware version. It's
supposed to be brand new, and seems so, as it came inside the original box,
owners manual, etc. still shrink wrapped, charger still in plastic. The
faceplate had the Nokia sticker on it yet, and the camera lens had the
protective film on it. Also has a SIM card still attached to the credit card
sized holder. Paid $109 Buy It Now plus shipping. It's supposed to be

I called T-Mo about upgrading, and they told me to call Nokia. Nokia told me
there was a service center here in Cleveland, Ohio that will flash it. The
service center's number just rings and rings, and someone else told me they
went out of business. I called Nokia back, and they said that service
center, called Cosmin's, was the only one in the area, and that I could ship
the phone to Nokia. However they said the phone went out of warranty in
2004 and I would have to pay $100 to get it upgraded. Paying that much is
not an option. I don't understand how a brand new phone can be out of

So what are my options? I found a work-a-round for the missing Call
Forwarding icon by using Psiloc Task Manager and assigning it to a joystick
direction. I have a 128 MB memory card I didn't put in yet. I seem to have
sound with the video recorder, and have programs for extended video time. I
also use the Nokia Suite, and Bluetooth. Should I expect any problems with
2.54? I don't have the problem others seem to have with the phone shutting
itself off, so far. I also read on a newsgroup that Nokia can SMS a sort of
upgrade which will restore the missing CF icon, but when I asked Nokia they
said they don't have an SMS for that.

I think I have 7 days to return the phone, which would be Monday 6/27/05,
but I don't think I want to do that as I don't know how good or bad other
phones on eBay are, and that seems the only way to get a 3650 now. I don't
like the 3660, or 6600, as believe it or not, I got used to the 3650
keypad, and the others seem harder to use as they are shaped weird and
numbers too close together.

Is there anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area that can flash my phone for not
too much $$? Any alternatives? Thanks much.

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