I have a ported number, so my cellular service requires two phone numbers to
be programmed into the phone. One is a mobile identification number (MIN)
that is on the cellular company's exchange prefix. The other is my actual
phone number.

It seems that while attempting to program the NAM settings this Nokia 5185i
phone does not have an obvious spot to fill in the mobile identification
number. It seems that this phone just assumes your mobile identification
number is the same as your telephone number, which isn't always the case

I know it's an older model of phone, but I'm kind of reluctant to trash it
because I ported the number from my land line and have accessories that fit
only the Nokia 5100 / 6100 series that allow it to be docked into a docking
station and then wired up to all the extension phones in my house.
Basically, all the phones in the house will continue to work as though I had
a phone line even though all the calls go through the cell phone. This
worked fine before I ported my land line number over to the cell phone. Now
it doesn't because I am trying to use the same land number on the same cell
phone where as before these were seperated.

Does anyone know if there is a work around for this problem? Is it possible
to program a MIN into a Nokia 5185i? Or should I just trash this old phone
and get a new one anyway?


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