Is anyone actually using the Nokia Observation Camera to successfully send MMS, particularly on the Cingular network?

We've tried two different cameras and have spent hours on the phone with tech support for both Nokia and Cingular without success. We can send SMS message to the camera and receive SMS replies, but have never been able to transmit a photo. When we try to send we get an undocumented combination of status lights (green, red, green, all steady) for 1 minute on one of the cameras and 5 minutes on the other, then the lights go back to green, blank, green. This green, red, green combination baffles the Nokia techs as well since it's not apparently documented anywhere.

If we use motion detection we get an SMS message that motion was detected, then after the aforementioned delay another SMS message that says MMS failed. The SIM works to send MMS in a Nokia cell phone so the account is not the issue.

Any help would be greatly appeiciated!

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