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    What am I missing?

    Have Nokia 6230 and Cingular voice & unlimited data package. Would like to
    use phone as a wireless modem.

    When using Nokia PC Suite 6.5, attempts to connect to internet resulted in a
    "Subscribe to GPRS first"
    message. Manual and the phone "Connectivity" menu mention access points. How
    do I "Subscribe",
    what are access points ?

    In the ideal world I would like to access my (several) ISP accounts using my
    phone as a wireless modem.

    tnx for any info,


    email, deconstruct: salmo(

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    Re: Nokia 6230, Cingular GPRS Registration and access points?

    Cingular has to activate your phone specifically for data to get data
    service. Sometimes this gets overlooked - it happened to a coworker of
    mine. Double check with Cingular that your phone is activated for the
    data plan.

    I use Cingular's Connection Manager or Sony Ericsson's Wireless Manager
    for my cellular data connection software. You can download these from
    their prospective websites for free. I can track down the links if you
    can't find them.

    You may have to set up a profile (or profiles) depending on the
    software you are using. I found the profile settings at the following

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