The Printing Application in 6600 is having some problems. It has been
found that, application do not recognise other Bluetooth BPP Printing
Services, so it displays "Not a BPP enabled Bluetooth printer" !!!

My experience:
Step1> Started a Bluetooth BPP Service with all the values specified in
the BPP SPEC 1.0
Step2> Started Printing Application in 6600, ..., searched for
Printers, -- My Printer got listed
Step3> Selected My Printer in the Phone
Step4> The phone displays "Not a BPP Bluetooth Printer"..!!!

(I used a Bluetooth Sniffer to catch the Bluetooth packets over air. It
is found that, the phone requests [SDP Requests] for Direct Printng
Service [Object channel] and Supported Document Formats [Attr ID:
0x0350]. The required information is returned)

Why this phone behaves like this? Any one has got a clue ???
I tried several times, but everything failed

Am i missing something?
Or the Printing Application is having interoperability problems?


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