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    Okey, my problem is: When I try to install something to
    my phone, it reboots. :shock: And the same thing
    happens [u:d8398368ac]when I view the certificate[/u:d8398368ac]. I
    have installed many, many programmes to my phone(etc.
    doom, xrally), but suddenly, I couldn't install
    anything. I think that it doesn't depend on memory, because in my
    phone([i:d8398368ac]8mb[/i:d8398368ac]) there is about 3mb free space
    and in my memorycard([i:d8398368ac]512mb[/i:d8398368ac]) there's about
    350mb free space. I need help! It might be caused by some install what
    have gone wrong, but I don't know what install have caused that. Or,
    can it be java!-problem? Have somebody collided with same problem?

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    Perhaps it still is your memeory on the phone, free up some mem so it has more than 3MB (about 7MB I read somewhere), it's worth the try.........

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