Changes from 3.04.11 to 3.04.37:

Nokia Mobile Phones Service Bulletin No.

New features released in MCU SW v3.04.37
* New RAM memory management scheme to improve phone behaviour in low memory
situations when using multiple applications at the same time. For
pre-defined applications a defined amount of RAM will be freed on start-up
(Browser, Video telephony, Java, Real One Player) to ensure application
* Browser cache (present in phone RAM memory) will be emptied when exiting

* Interoperability with Sony-Ericsson BT headsets improved. Sniff-mode timer
value used in phone changed from same value as used in SE headsets to
prevent headsets from disconnecting

* Browser now correctly identifies Simplified Chinese as accepted language
in accept headers if this is selected as phone language instead of
traditional Chinese
* Behavior of internal rendering changed to improve performance with pages
containing animated images. Identical animated image frames are no longer
stored separately to reduce number of entries in cache
* Previously visited links no longer become white and unvisible, if
scrolling down a page with background image
* Nokia Lifeblog registering improved

* Problem of not being able to continue using camera application when in
standby mode corrected

* Alarm tone ascending volume tuned

* DRM combined delivery xml parser functionality improved
* Missing DRM rights now correctly shown
* Content is now correctly interpreted with combined delivery file that
includes a linefeed (CR+LF) inside the constraint part of the rights object
* Notification now shown correctly when WAP Push rights object received for
OMA DRM separate delivery content

* Occasional problem of not showing imap4 email folders corrected

* Improvement in handling of very long play-list names.

* Problem in interim PR1.1 release(s) corrected. Java audio tone playback
control changed, tone speed was incorrectly set and speed of playback was
too fast in some cases
* Java VM now returns correct language ID string for Thai instead of NULL
* Receiving SMS containing more than 45 Unicode characters no longer causes
shorter standby time in idle state if messaging centre is left open in

* Recording audio during voice calls improved.

* Stereo is set as the default for audio channels. This enables playing
files where the number of audio channels is not specified.
* Robustness of Real One Player improved to handle files where audio part is
shorter than video part
* Improvements when continuing the streaming after interrupted by voice call
in network mode 1 conditions
* Improved functionality with scene changes

* FDN handling improved in some error situations
* UPIN is now requested to enter when UPIN is activated instead of PIN

* Play Tone command playback volume increased

Video Sharing
* Uninstallation of Video Sharing application is now possible

Video Telephony
* Interim problem in PR1.1 release corrected, interoperability problem with
Alcatel Video Mailbox corrected
* Improvement in video transmission stability
* Occasional picture overlapping problem when calling to video mailbox

* MO Video Telephony call setup improved in Siemens RAN, when simultaneous
data transfer ongoing. "Network busy" no longer displayed

* IMEISV sent to network changed to 16
* Automatic access point settings updated for some operators
* Operator names stored in device permanent memory updated to reflect latest
* USSD channel closing behavior changed. Now it is possible to receive a new
USSD message after timer expiry for USSD connection
* Functionality with some pre-pay SIM cards improved, USSD acknowledgement
handling modified
* User is now better informed if MMC formatting fails
* Corrected the problem that very short audio clips were not played at all.
* RS-MMC card access timings modified to improve handling of spesific
defective RS-MMC card
* Improvement to play some defected MIDI files

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