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> Anyone know how one makes themes files (like Basic.nth)?
> And what happends if deletes all the themes from the phone?
> How do you set text color and stuff then?
> Will the Nokia animation at start and "Nokia" screen at shutdown
> disappear if I delete the "Basic.nth" (at least the "Nokia" at
> shutdown is a part of the theme, other themes has other logo)?
> I have tried changing startup and shutdown logo from OPM2, but these
> logos are displayed IN ADDITION to the nokia animation (startup) and
> "Nokia" screen (shutdown), not instead of them :-(
> Actually the best would be no logo not any animation neither at start
> or shutdown, but I'm not sure how to fix that. Anyone now anything?

You can also set startup/shutdown logos with LogoManager Pro Suite. Your
problem with the two logos being shown is something that we can also usually
sort out, though it takes some further tweaking. Basically some phones are
configured to always show the Nokia hands logo irrespective of whether you
have set a custom startup lgoo, but this can usually be unset.

Take control of your Nokia phone with LogoManager

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