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    John Kester
    Not sure, probably best if you strip your phone yourself. Been a while since
    I've had mine open but I'm pretty sure there are some ribbon cables that
    connect everything. A link how to disable your phone is below. Once you have
    undone the screws any put a pin to ease off the case, just run a credit card
    round the outside of it. Probably cost more to send the phone to be repaired
    than to buy a new one

    "GB" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news[email protected]
    > Hi Folks,
    > Having dramas with a Nokia 6600/NHL-10 handset. Called Nokia
    > 'customer service' who referred me to 'customer care' - both
    > were pretty much useless (ie: didn't want to hear about the
    > problem, just "give us money and we'll look at it")
    > So I turn to you!
    > Symptom: No audio from in-phone earpiece during calls.
    > 'Loudspeaker' function doesn't (ie: option is
    > displayed during calls, but doesn't work). Other
    > party *can* hear me speak (ie: microphone is ok)
    > Also, handset won't play *some* sounds. Midis,
    > and the 'awc' audio *does* play, but all other
    > ringtones, keyboard beeps, etc, do not. (Does
    > this mean software drama, or do the midis play
    > out of the rear speaker and is this simply a
    > earpiece fallen out issue?)
    > Handset: Nokia 6600 / NHL-10
    > In standard form, no accessories fitted. Original
    > (included in box) 32Mb MMC card installed.
    > Occasional in-car use with (genuine) PPH-1
    > hands free kit
    > Firmware: v3.42.1 / 16-10-03 / NHL-10
    > Network: Optus GSM post-paid (Australia)
    > Recently used on assorted networks in Hong Kong,
    > Shanghai, Singapore - worked fine everywhere.
    > Failure occurred a few days after return to Oz
    > I tried: Lots of power on/off resets
    > Lots of battery out resets
    > Hard reset with Send + * + 3 on power up (with
    > and without SIM/MMC fitted)
    > Soft reset with *#7370# (with and without SIM/MMC
    > fitted)
    > Any thoughts, ideas, solutions, quotes-to-repair? :-) (email
    > address is real if you prefer to respond offline)
    > Thanks in advance,
    > G

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    John Kester

    Re: Nokia 6600 / NHL-10 problem - no audio from earpiece

    I think its just a leaf switch inside the bottom of the phone but it should
    come up with the headphones icon on the phone to tell you that it was using
    hands free/headphones.

    "GB" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > GB <[email protected]> wrote in news:9AyIe.171$Tg4.6063
    >> On the way home, I got to thinking. This telephone is behaving like
    >> it was plugged into the PPH-1 hands free kit. The last time I
    >> remember it working properly was in the car. I wonder if...
    >> So I went down and hopped in my car, powered the car up, plugged
    >> the phone in/out/in/out a few times and... it came back to life!
    >> The phone seemed to have decided that it was connected to the
    >> hands free kit, and was behaving accordingly. All along I was
    >> unconvinced that the problem was hardware, because there were a
    >> whole range of things happening that *must* have been more than
    >> just a loose cable or a fried component.

    > Forgot to mention: What surprises me about this whole exercise
    > is that I had actually reset and formatted the phone several times.
    > I reset twice using *#7370# *and* reset twice using 'Send' +
    > '*' + '3'.
    > Through all that, the phone still thought it had a car kit up
    > its bum. Maybe the problem *was* mechanical.
    > Go figure.
    > G

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